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I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to love what I get to do. I get to make things with my hands, beautiful things, meaningful things. Then…when someone actually likes what I’ve made… icing on the cake. Well, better than icing, more like a super sundae, or a Sonic blast. Or a Dairy Queen pecan cluster blizzard. Or a … never mind, you get the sugar-loaded picture. I get a rush from connecting with someone on an artistic level, similar in fact to what I get from sugar. (*salivating*)

However there is another ‘calling’ in play here, something I consider a ministry. You know I love making rosaries. And when I make them I use every thing I have to make them beautiful and unusual, not your same ol’ same ol’ run of the mill rosary if there is such a thing. I take delight in adding out of the ordinary beads and semi-precious stones. I search the internet to find the perfect crucifixes and centers (that I can afford). Then one day, I realized that I was making rosaries for all the wrong reasons. I had to confront the possibility that my efforts were actually being motivated by money and admiration for my work. Shame on me!

I’m glad I had that realization because I then had access to a spiritual door that needed opening. You see, the things of this world are just that – things. And this world has many, many beautiful things in it, those created by human hands and those created by the Master. I seem to be taking the long way around saying that I made a big mistake by forgetting all that the rosary is. It is a spiritual tool used to meditate on the life of Jesus and his mother. It is a form of showing appreciation and praise, not praise for Mary, but praise for her son. Contrary to popular belief, Catholics do not praise Mary, but we do honor her. After all, she was chosen by God Himself to be the new tabernacle for the New Covenant, the Messiah. So, getting back to my epiphany, I finally understand that making pretty things like these rosaries is not what is going to get me in God’s good graces in spite of how unique they are. I have to change my heart when I’m working on my rosaries and religious jewelry. My heart needs to be fully in prayerful grace as my hands work wire and beads and semi-precious stone into a spiritual meditation tool. I feel that it is such an honor.

This is not to say that I will stop making beautiful rosaries. I intend to keep making them, and yes, selling them. But please know that my heart is in the right place and I will continue to strive to make them in such a way that they will last for many years to come, even becoming an heirloom piece to be passed down from one generation to another. That’s how faith should be, passed down. There is a phrase going around facebook these days – if we don’t teach our children to follow Jesus, the world will teach them not to. It’s time to bring back some good old fashion religion and traditions.

I have grown as a person creating religious art and I have to say I have developed a new found appreciation of Mary, the Holy Mother of Jesus. Her status is the epitome of women. She never hesitates to point the way to her Son. I wish I could be like her in her purity and love.

I’ve decided to take my name off of my religious art. I’m afraid that by the name NanTubreDesigns I am actually pointing to myself and asking for accolades for what I do. Sounds pompous, I know, but that’s the way I see it. The new name I have chosen is Gentle Mother Rosaries and Religious Art. Hopefully, it will be received in the spirit it is given.

My other art will remain NanTubreDesigns. I LOVE to make bracelets and will keep on doing that. I have to have sparkles!

Let me know what you think!

Blessings to your and yours. And don’t forget to pray for peace.


Two custom pieces going out this morning!